Kentucky Roads - Business US 62/68

Business US 62/68

All photos are WB. This was regular US 62/68 until the new bridge bypassing Maysville was recently (in this century) completed.

Here is the Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge at dusk, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

I cross it somewhat earlier, with no lights on, and end up at the eastern end of western KY 8. Both parts of KY 8 are along the Ohio River, but they were just never connected east of here. Obviously they were meant to be together, especially obvious considering the long dead-end of the eastern KY 8. Also note the identical missing parts of the US shields and the fact that there's a West Hospital to the left. I think the West belongs with the Business routes. Just a hunch.

Most things are fine with this photo, but US 68 is not. Also, while US 62/68 are straight ahead, this is still the Business route and some demarcation would be nice. Directional banners would be nice, but not required.

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