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I have trouble believing KY 1958 to the left is really northbound. This is one of the two pieces of the route around Winchester that someday will connect as half (or more) of a low-grade beltway. It travels east and a little south, but never north.

4/6/13 Ashland Road Meet
10/19/13 Pikeville Road Meet

I-265 and KY 841

US 23
Spur US 23, Ashland Ohio River bridges
US 25/US 421
US 27
US 31, Clark Mem. Bridge
US 31E
US 31W
US 41
US 42
US 45
US 60
US 62
US 68
Business US 62/68
US 119
US 127
US 150
US 431
US 460
US 641

Ironton-Russell Bridge
Newport Southbank "Purple People" Bridge
Oldtown Covered Bridge
Audubon Parkway
Mountain Parkway
Pennyrile Parkway
Purchase Parkway
Western Kentucky Parkway

KY 1
KY 4
KY 7
KY 8
KY 8S, Carl D. Perkins Bridge
KY 9, AA Highway
KY 10
KY 17, Roebling Bridge
KY 40
KY 67
KY 80
KY 122
KY 154
KY 195
KY 244
KY 420
KY 773
KY 1120
KY 1373
KY 1934
KY 2167
KY 2262, Glover Cary Bridge
KY 2543
KY 3174/Corridor Q, future US 460/KY 80
KY 3226
KY 3306

Misc. Photos

Kentucky Non-Roads

It's spelled THIS SIDE OF MEDIAN, but it's pronounced PASS WITH CARE. Extra-delicious irony points for the DO NOT PASS sign immediately above. On KY 53 and KY 44, courtesy H.B. Elkins.

14th St. SB at Carter Ave., Ashland.

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