Kansas Roads - US 77

US 77

Crossing the Walnut River next to a railroad truss on the south side of Winfield, continuing south to a new, poorly announced, 2-lane bypass of Arkansas City. Straight ahead only seems faster for now with the four lanes, but Arkansas City is long and slow.

K-15/US 77 SB across Timber Creek into Winfield, then looking west on US 160 (9th Ave.) where K-15 turns east.

Courtesy Michael Summa, Washington St. SB in Junction City in 1978, Alt. US 77 and Alt. US 40 WB.

The northeast corner at the center of town, Alt. US 77 NB/Alt. US 40 EB at K-57. The signs face WB traffic on Alt. 40/K-57, while both directions indicated by arrows are Alt. 77.

SB with US 36 near Marysville, a town that seems unremarkable but was the crossing point of several westward trails, including these three. See the park link below.

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