Kansas Roads - US 56

US 56

The first three photos are historical (sometime in the 1970s to early '80s) and courtesy Michael Summa (taken by a friend).

US 56 WB/K-25 SB at the start of a three-way multiplex with K-51 WB through Hugoton.

Approaching the intersection from the opposite direction on US 56, where the multiplex diverges.

Without visiting the town myself, 30 years ago, I couldn't tell you which direction these shields were photographed in, though I believe they're westbound just past where the three routes joined up.

US 56 WB at the under-construction US 59 freeway south from Lawrence to Ottawa, looking at the NB onramp and offramp in the last two photos, respectively.

Continuing under future US 59 and looking at the SB offramp and onramp, respectively.

The Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop on old US 56, Kansas City Rd. in Olathe.

I-70 and US 56/US 50/I-70

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