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US 50

US 50 WB/K-61 SB around the south side of Hutchinson, in the process of completing dualization.

The multiplex breaks up at a new interchange under construction. K-61 heads north, and it looks like current US 50 will become the WB ramps.

A full westbound run of dualization construction near Hutchinson, ending where the new road will bear left for the K-61 interchange.

Overstuffed Harvey County route shields heading west from Newton. These are Hoover Rd. and Ridge Rd., hence the word splayed across the top of what should only have a number and county name inside (and not in those proportions at all). I have a more detailed photo for one on old US 81.

K-15 SB in Newton, joining US 50 to use I-135 instead of the old parallel road (now county-maintained).

WB through Emporia, starting at I-35 Exit 133 where US 50 leaves for the first time since Kansas City, and ending on the long ramp to I-135 where US 50 will share space for 3 miles. Note the embossed abbreviation of "9th." Kansas Turnpike Authority may be the only agency that signs its full name in a route shield, instead of just leaving it as "Kansas Turnpike." The shield outline looks comparable to any other state sunflower.

Nearing Missouri.

US 50 now skirts Kansas City to the south on I-435, but back in 1975, it followed the Santa Fe Trail (now unnumbered) straight in. 1975 also had the last generation of state-name sunflower shields and the prior two generations of state-name US shields. Courtesy Michael Summa.

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