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US 40

All photos with an associated year are courtesy Michael Summa.

The Kansas signs look more colorful, actually. These were taken in 1985 at the western border. The last photo looks just like the one on the main Kansas page, but with a complete border. Some signs, presumably later ones, didn't have the little reflective patch on the signpost.

K-25 NB, also in 1985.

US 83 NB, then turning right onto US 40 EB, still in 1985. Deep in the background you can see that US 40 WB is also Truck US 83 NB, and that the business loop for I-70 turns here in Oakley. The TRUCK route skirts town. Wa Keeney is now WaKeeney, still a strange name.

First reassurance marker on K-147 SB, which just began on Old US 40 north of Ogallah, taken in 1989. It heads west from an intersection with a road whose name I can't find, and then turns south onto its own alignment.

Old US 40 EB in Russell, in 1989. Business US 40 runs down old 40 straight ahead until it meets I-70, and may or may not also run to the right, south on US 281 back to I-70/US 40. Signs only head east from here though, on E Wichita St.

1960's-era speed limit sign and a modern photo of a sign that could be equally old, on old US 40 WB entering Wilson at K-232. The first photo is courtesy Michael Summa, year unknown.

Old US 40 EB from there, and then photos continue on the part that's still a state highway (K-140, linked at bottom).

On the east side of Salina, skipping K-140 and the old US 40 bypass to the north, is this relic from the 1960's, taken in 1986 (courtesy Michael Summa).

Old US 40 comes into Junction City and runs into a dead end on the east side of US 77 because half a mile of the road is overlaid by I-70.

SB/WB on Alt. US 77/Alt. US 40, in 1978. K-18's old route heads straight through downtown, but once the freeway was built, K-18 headed south on US 77 to pick up I-70/US 40 and head northeast again.

The center of town can also get confusing. The signs are on Alt. US 40 and K-57 WB, which split up to go opposite directions on US 77 Nothing continues straight, but that was once K-18, which now picks up the old route at the 77 freeway to the west.

Alt. US 40 eastbound by Junction City in 1990. It's also K-57, which heads south to the destinations listed on the sign.

This is a little past the previous sign, I believe where K-57 turns off, taken in the same year. The only access from Alt. US 40 back to US 40 (which multiplexes with I-70 most of the way across Kansas, basically from Junction City eastward) is by crossing the highway here.

US 40 and K-4 WB on the east side of Topeka, where both enter I-70 to pass through the city at Exit 366. That's the only exit not signed with a Kansas Turnpike shield (i.e. continuing straight ahead). Notice how I-70 is signed East but not the Turnpike (both should be), whereas I-470 isn't signed at all - it should be West.

EB along the Oregon Trail, saving all my oxen for Lawrence, where directions are passť. At both K-10 (South Lawrence Trafficway) and US 59, south is to the right (a ramp in the case of K-10) and north is ahead. Did you catch the state-name shield?

The former Reuter organ factory is at the end of 6th St. in Lawrence just after US 40/59 turn off of it.
US 40/59 continue EB/NB under the Union Pacific Overland route until they split at US 24. East is right, west is straight. Come on, Lawrence! My kingdom for a directional banner!

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K-140, former US 40

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