Kansas Roads - US 36

US 36

Some old surprises on former US 36 in St. Francis, courtesy Michael Summa, taken in 1988 well beyond the shelf life of state-name US shields. It very well may not have been Business US 36 since the 1960s at the latest. The shields without "US" are definitely a 1960s style, splitting the difference between original specifications and dropping the state name.

The actual center is on K-191, but this is good enough for most people. After all, it's hard enough to leave the Interstate in the first place, right?

Signs get weird out in farm country. (Disclaimer: these WB photos are over an hour apart. There are many normal signs between them.) The K-181 shield sticks out as the lone correct item.

US 36 EB/US 77 SB into Marysville, and some old signs just a block off at Broadway. I'm still undecided as to whether Broadway is the original US 36 alignment or if it was only the main street in the 19th century.

Remember shields such as these from the top of the page? This relic can be found in the Pony Express Museum in Marysville. The length of the Rock Island Highway is US 36. Click top and bottom for closeups.

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