Kansas Roads - US 283

US 283

All photos were taken by Michael Summa near WaKeeney, in 1986 except the first photo.

NB on US 283 just past I-70/US 40, 1984.

SB past I-70/US 40. If you check out the other SB distance sign, on K-23, you'll see that K-4 is a popular destination.

SB in WaKeeney, where US 283 SB turns right to multiplex with the old alignment of US 40 WB. Straight ahead is a road that may at that time have been US 283 Spur, or part of a US 283 Bypass that used I-70/US 40 to return at the next exit. Whatever it was, it isn't now. And the I-70 and US 40 shields should really be "TO".

The assembly on the right is for SB travelers leaving Old US 40, and the assembly on the left is for NB travelers heading toward WaKeeney.

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