Kansas Roads - US 24

US 24

Entering the state on I-70/US 24 EB in 1978, courtesy Michael Summa.

This was taken northbound in 1990, courtesy Michael Summa; KS 267 ends at old US 24.

In Cawker City, home of the world's largest ball of twine, and west from there on US 24/K-9. The K-181 shield in the background (on 181 NB) is correct; the one on US 24 is too squished.

This 1986 sign, courtesy Michael Summa, is useful but incorrect. Technically, K-177 is a couple of blocks away in either direction, so add a "TO" to those shields. K-13 NB begins along US 24 WB as it bears right, so add a "NORTH." Finally, add another "TO" above the K-18 shield. This area is completely reconfigured now, with K-177 coming in on new Fort Riley Blvd. and K-13 not beginning until well to the north.

More 1986 Michael Summa photos, WB leaving Manhattan and EB where K-13 and K-177 SB both parted ways to the right. (K-13 turned left and ended back at the merge with US 24, forming a useless longcut for the US 24 diagonal.)

East of Manhattan, US 24 follows a dualized alignment around the north side of St. George and Wamego. This is the WB end of original US 24 that goes through both of those towns.

Heading east through St. George.

EB on old US 24 to its end past Wamego, where current US 24 comes back onto its original alignment. The school crossing sign is backwards.

EB in St. Marys. I think a J turn is when you pull across the street to park in a spot on the other side.

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