Kansas Roads - Misc. Photos

Misc. Photos

State-name shields, first photo courtesy Jeremy Lance.

Both in my personal collection, though not sure if the first one is from Kansas (same seller as my definitely-Kansas signs). The second sign is 18" x 18", smaller than the current minimum standard of 24" x 24", and with the state name on it is clearly 40-50 years old. It also has 24 petals instead of the current 16, and they all stick straight out instead of alternating bent ones.

Suggestively named Woodie Seat Freeway NB, and then Avenue A WB, at the northern terminus of the short freeway, also in Hutchinson.

Former railroad bridge, now a trail, on the east side of K-113 in Manhattan.

1975 and 1986, respectively, courtesy Michael Summa. This KTA shield is blue, but the originals were green.

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