Kansas Roads - K-96

All photos are eastbound. The one above is hardly freeway-sized.

Different signs for different towns. "Yoder" is using the wrong lower-case font set (common CAD-era mistake), "Haven" is a warning sign (oh no, you're in Haven, watch out!), and "Maize" is just fine but, think about it, you can find maize off of every exit, what makes this one so special?

A pair of ramp signs along K-96, the first as it joins I-235 NB, the second as it leaves to head south on I-135 and other traffic heads north. (That part of I-235 runs east-west to follow 96, so it's not ridiculous.)

K-96 ends here, so why is it signed along US 54? I have plenty of other problems with the signage, there being no vertical spacing and a peculiar "EXIT ONLY". If the words can't fit on either side of the arrow, chances are the sign isn't centered over the lane.

That's better, at least as K-96 goes, but not for the other problems.

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