Kansas Roads - K-191

US 281 NB and K-191 EB at their intersection, the only road of consequence K-191 intersects. K-191 isn't here to link anything together. It only serves one purpose of questionable importance. The reason I have so many K-191 shields on this page is that the digits are crammed so close together in an unnecessarily narrow font.

The purpose of K-191 is to bring people to the center of the 48 states of the USA (just pretend it's 1958 for this caption). I don't know how that was determined - a very large scale model and a very sharp pin? - but it has all sorts of plaques and a tiny church (U.S. Center Chapel), so it's clearly legit. Lebanon, on the other hand, is clearly a tourist trap. I imagine there's a very limited set of souvenirs that pertain to this location.

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