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I-70/US 40/K-18 EB around the south side of Junction City in 1986, courtesy Michael Summa. Of course, K-18 once went straight through the city, heading out northwest on Grant Ave. toward Ogden and what's now K-114. Except for the eastern I-70 junction (Exit 303), curiously set up as a diamond interchange, K-18 is a full freeway from here to Manhattan.

WB, same year and attribution.

The new K-18 freeway is being constructed in April 2012, along with a new Walnut St. overpass. The existing 2-lane link from I-70 will become the future EB side. In the last photo, construction on the southeast side of the freeway will link up to the new K-114 interchange to facilitate development of that area, should Manhattan and Junction City ever grow together.

Passing under Walnut St., panning from right (south) to left (north).

Through the new K-114 interchange and continuing east toward Manhattan until K-18 crosses over the future WB lanes and rejoins its old alignment. K-18 used to curve northward and merge into what's now Skyway Dr. and was the old end of K-114, but the former Sevenmile Creek bridges were removed along with the rest of the former 18/114 interchange, making that route untraceable.

Freeway construction continues to the south, then crosses back over and heads north for the Scenic Dr. interchange on the west side of Manhattan, while former K-18 WB is being torn up and reconstructed as future Skyway Dr. I guess the old pavement wasn't good enough for a frontage road. The EB side will just be removed once the freeway is ready.

East of there, K-18 is being upgraded to a freeway on the spot up to the K-113 interchange, where it transitions into Fort Riley Blvd.

K-18 EB and WB on the east side of Manhattan with K-177 SB and NB (Kansas River), respectively, in 1986 courtesy Michael Summa.

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