Kansas Roads - K-114/K-18

(former K-18) and K-18 construction

Ogden, the beginning of K-114 (at the eastern city line).

K-114 used to become divided right before the K-18 merge, likely a remnant of when this was all K-18 (before any freeway was built). Considering that Riley Ave. is only two lanes in Ogden, the construction zone has relatively little impact. The old EB lanes are coming out at the same time as the former K-18 WB flyover, while a new roadway curves to the right in the second photo to link K-114 to the new interchange to the south. With K-18 now being on a freeway instead of coming into the old alignment here, the "End 114" assembly should have been removed at the former merge.

K-114 WB through the same construction zone. K-18 WB pavement has been torn up both on the ramp and the bridge (where it's called the deck), and the 18 shield has been removed at the former gore. There's a temporary detour roadway skirting the east of the construction, which is why I headed through this area on former K-18 while following K-114 WB.

Looking south as I pass under the former K-18 WB overpass. The old bridge below is the temporarily closed EB roadway, originally both directions of K-18 back before there was any freeway at all, over Sevenmile Creek. (K-114 is just a piece of former K-18.)

A view of the same two bridges from the south, where the detour roadway passes. It has now become part of Skyway Dr., which follows the former K-18 WB lanes to the east.

Looking west on the completed section of roadway (in April 2012) from K-18 at the traffic signal that will be the beginning of Skyway Dr. K-114 will continue straight, curve toward the west, and come into the area seen at the top of the page heading east from Ogden.

Looking east at the new K-18 freeway, nearing completion.

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