Kansas Roads - I-470


It looks like everything on the BGS's is demountable. US 75 suffers from a lack of directionality both above and below; it should be NORTH (the direction following I-470 WB here). US 40 also goes west from here on I-70, and K-4 goes both ways as well.

I-470 EB in Topeka in 1984, courtesy Michael Summa. The I-70 shield is really a TO I-70, because I-470 EB loops back via the Kansas Turnpike (which I-70 becomes to the east). What's not in the picture is I-335, now applied to the Turnpike south of the upcoming junction, but not yet in existence. This also predates the US 75 freeway, which heads south from about half a mile back; 75 now follows I-470 to I-70 instead of heading through downtown.

I-470 WB on the Kansas Tpk. SB, using the Turnpike's exit numbers. Unfortunately, the KTA does not do wide shields properly, especially glaring when "335" doesn't even fit inside. Compare the modern Turnpike shield to Michael's historic one.

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