Italy Roads - SS 113

All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro. The above are in Pace del Mela and San Lucia del Mela, respectively.

Concrete arch, um, entering Falcone, as the sign says. Very descriptive, that bridge sign, for those blind motorists who can't see the bridge but somehow notice a tiny sign next to it.

Approaching Falcone from the south, possibly on Via Alessandro Manzoni NB at Contrada Gattusa, with a tiny reference to A20 stuck in the corner.

I believe these are eastbound heading into Falcone.

Westbound (Palermo-bound, because Italy and indeed most of Europe doesn't sign directions), west of Milazzo, possibly in Pietre Rosse.

Westbound at the Barcellona connector to A20.

Eastbound and westbound in San Filippo del Mela at SP 67.

Westbound at Asse Viario, which Lou is about to take into Milazzo. For photos from that road, follow the link below.

Onto A20 at the Isole Eolie interchange, the simplest connection from Asse Viario to the autostrada.

Westbound in Archi, where the industrial highway on the front Italy page merges into SS 113 WB (first sign), and then the four-lane divided highway that SS 113 becomes doesn't so much stop as come to a complex intersection where left turns must stop.

Heading east in St. Fillipo del Mela and then Pace del Mela (Giamorro section), with a very, very large cul-de-sac? Or a faded No Entry sign.

East, entering Pace del Mela. For an older sign (entering Gualtieri Sicamino) with the same message, click here.

The sign says Pace del Mela, but the kilometer posts can't even agree with each other, and that's perfectly fine. The tiled km 33 sign and the Pace del Mela plaque are on the side of Casa Cantoniera in the Giamorro section of Pace, while the painted km 36 signs are on the side of a different building, 3 km west (kilometers are numbered from Messina toward Palermo). Sett. probably stands for settentrione, or "north", making this approximately "north the Sicilian," or "the northern Sicilian;" my guess is the more exact translation is "the road of northern Sicily," this being a perfect description of SS 113.

S. Pier Marina, Fraz di S. Pier Niceto - this is San Pier Niceto, so the Fraz (section) of San Pier Marina. Facing toward Palermo (west).

In the same area as the previous photo, this is a shot of a temporary alignment of SS 113 passing under a rail bridge. The alignment was used to allow construction on the SS 113 viaduct.

In Torregrotta (Scala section), the first two pictures are of a distance stone, and the last two pictures are of a kilometer stone. Such stones are common in rural areas but rarer in towns.

Well, they're common in Scala, as this one is also there.

In Valdina (Fonchacello section), the sign is for A20.

Both in Spadafora, heading west; the second photo is an incuse sign.

In Venetico, facing south on SP 56 at SS 113. Click for closeup of the shield.

Same direction, same sign assembly, different sign: for an upcoming railroad trestle.

Old signs on SS 113dir, the seashore spur from Orto Liuzzo to Torre Faro. SS 113 turns toward Messina, which is why it abandons the northeast tip of Sicily.

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