Italy Roads - Messina SP 110

Messina SP 110

All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro.

This is a numbered route? Well, it's only a provincial route (the P in SP), and unlike most roads it runs for over 32 km (the post in the photo).

Northbound entering Montalbano Elicona; SS 113 is a couple dozen kilometers to the north, but it's still the nearest SS route. The 16% grade doesn't sound terribly fun, but it's to be expected in European mountains.

The other northbound photos from this road; all of the remaining photos are southbound.

In Europe, construction signs look just like other signs. (Actually, they DO use the orange color for construction, but only for lane stripes.)

Up to a really faded sign at the turnoff for San Cono. The sign was blue, yes, as you can tell from the destinations that still have a little color behind them, and the road to San Cono is an SP route.

A sign so old, the white has faded to black, the black has faded to white, and the red has faded/rusted to a color I can't define.

And we're back to the same place as the second northbound photo above. Almost done...

Finishing up in Montalbano Elcona. Uscita means exit, and not only can I tell you SP 110 has no exits, but I can also tell you that while SP 110 is in the Province of Messina, the City of Messina is nowhere near here.

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