Italy Roads - Sicily


All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Into Soccorso from two different directions, first on Via Idria from Santa Lucia del Mela, and then on Via Gualtieri from Gualtieri Sicamino (well, Soccorso is also part of G.S., but this comes from the center of town).

SS 113
SS 185
Catania SP 70
City of Messina
Messina SP 1
Messina SP 2
Messina SP 110
Messina SP 112
Messina SP 147
~ Asse Viario in Milazzo
Pace del Mela

Industrial Highway east of Milazzo (it runs from Archi to the Scala secton of Torregrotta).

Piazza Garcia Lorca in Gualtieri Sicamino, and I really don't know what this sign is for, but it's very old.

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