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Pace del Mela

All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro. Del Mela means "of the apple", and so this is Piece of the Apple. No worms, just a couple of saints. Or it's Peace of the Apple (yes, Pace can mean either). Or else Mela means something else (such as a name), since there's also a San Filippo del Mela.

Unnumbered SP (provincial route) in Gualtieri Sicamino, between km's 5 and 4.

Same road, now in Pace del Mela, between km's 4 and 3.

Same road, other direction, entering Gualtieri Sicamino.

Entering urban Pace del Mela, possibly on Via Gualtieri (the road from Gualtieri Sicamino to Pace del Mela that's not the same as the road from the above photos).

To the left, Gualtieri Sicamino. To the right, Gualtieri Sicamino. The older sign (or at least the one in worse condition) points to the older road; ultimately, the new road will go further, but for now, it ends outside Gualtieri S. and traffic follows signs to downtown. Behind this photo in the other direction is the possible Via Gualtieri photo above.

Older signs on the road into Pace del Mela from SS 113.

This sign is in the Giamorro section of town, on a new road with no name. It's not a mistaken hybrid between stop and yield signs, but instead an older style that's disappearing (and therefore you have already deduced this section of the otherwise new road has been around for awhile).

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