Italy Roads - A3/E45

A3 and E45

All photos on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria Autostrada are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

A3 is on top of this arch bridge near Villa San Giovanni, where E45 catches a ferry to Sicily. A3 picks up E90 from the next ferry down in Reggio C.

Just as the arch stretches between the sides of different hills, the tunnel connects the two sides of the same hill. This one is northbound, but the northbound lanes are under construction. Two-way traffic gets yellow lines because of construction; otherwise they'd all be white.

Crossing back over in a well-protected manner.

Now all of the traffic is on the NB side, approaching the Gioia Tauro interchange.

Coming back SB through the construction area toward the tunnel and then Villa San Giovanni.

All the paint is gone, but this downtown sign does have an A3 shield on it and points to the Autostrada toward Salerno-Reggio. I can't make out whether that's a kilometric distance (perhaps 6) after the destination or just a smudge.

Follow E45 to Sicily and A18

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