Italy Roads - A20/E90

A20 and E90

All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Old westbound signs for the Falcone and Patti interchanges.

E- route signage is spotty in Italy, but as you can see, sometimes A- route signage gets spotty too. This is the end of the Barcellona connector that comes from SS 113, and the E45 sign is a little far off. E45 doesn't join the A20 freeway until it has just about ended in Messina, about 40 km to the east.

In Milazzo, two ways to get to A20, either by road or by beach, on Piazza San Papino. Well, one is Rocky Beach Way (very approximate translation), and the other is Risorgimento Road.

Long list of destinations for the SS 113 exit southeast of Milazzo (near Asse Viario).

At the end of that same exit, you face even more destinations.

Entering A20 from Villafranca Tirrena.

Eastbound toward Messina, this exit is for the mainland ferry (unless you're a truck, apparently). Sicily, and Italy, and much of Europe in general, use tunnels and tall bridges instead of the United State's curves and rock blasts on major highways.

Westbound and eastbound on Viale Giostra in Messina, then looking south at the unfinished ramps and A20 in the background. This will be a new northern Messina interchange.

Just west of Messina, A20 crosses itself for some wrong-way tunnels, and then rights the wrong a few km later on the other side of this hill. This is facing westbound, with the eastbound lanes overhead.

Three more tunnels, continuing eastbound into Messina. At the second tunnel, E90 leaves toward Messina Centro on Via Comunale, and E45 joins the autostrada. E45 and E90 cross different ferries to the mainland and then continue in opposite directions.

Southeast of the tunnels, A20 ends south of Messina and is replaced by A18.

Now heading northwest, back through those tunnels.

A shot of the A20 viaduct exiting tunnels to the right.

Westbound approaching Villafranca Tirrena and a toll booth (ALT Stazione) at the exit.

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