Italy Roads - A18/E45

A18 and E45

All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Northbound on the Catania Tangenziale (Bypass), A18 at A19. A19 is a cutoff to Palermo that bypasses the northeast corner of the island of Sicily.

Southbound approaching the Taormina exit (uscita). Incolonnarsi means the exit will be backed up (it sounds vaguely like your body would be backed up, says I), and Italy uses diagrammatic signs that imply the right lane will drop at the exit so that through traffic keeps left to avoid the queue.

Off the exit ramp to Taormina. Italian interchanges on Autostrada are named.

Premature arrow, southbound.

Mysterious arch northbound - why would traffic need to know a bridge is coming up?

Northbound in Messina, with a really old sign at the last exit on A18. E45 continues ahead a couple more exits, but here A18 will become A20, which turns west and heads toward Palermo and A19. Follow the A20 link below to continue the photo journey.

Follow E45 to the mainland and A3

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Into Messina
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