Indiana/Illinois Roads - Wabash Cannonball Br.

Wabash Cannonball Bridge, IL-IN

Actually, this bridge was used by the Big Four Railroad, never the Wabash. After being abandoned, it was privately bought and operated as a toll bridge from 1970 until it was bought by the state. The old rails were used as guiderails until the state replaced them with modern ones.

This ancient bridge was closed when I visited, but surprisingly reopened after the approaches on each side were reconstructed. These photos head west on the 1904 eastern approach, the same date as the western approach. Keep that in mind as I continue.

The first two trusses heading west date to 1924 and 1897. Neither is the original, which I believe was wooden. All four trusses were built by the King Bridge Company.

Up to the swing span, another 1924 specimen. It has 3 light towers on top, none functional.

Finishing up the walk across the last truss, the other 1897 oldie. You can see the positioning of the light towers in the first photo.

Looking north and south from the bridge along the Wabash River. So that's where the bridge probably got the Wabash name, and then "Cannonball" was appended to it for fun.

Stepping off the Illinois side and walking south under the bridge.

Some northward views from the Wabash shore.

Back east by the light of the moon.

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