Indiana Roads - US 50

US 50

Photos on current US 50 are westbound and so is the progression.

Contrasting bridges from the Indiana state line. The latter looks southeast at the original 1887 Whipple truss bridge taking US 50 out of Aurora, George St. I bet Paulo broke up with Heather Nicole.

Looking east (really north from SR 56) and west (really south) on the old bridge, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Drive with Lou northeast across the bridge.

Unadulterated ugly on Hollywood Blvd. in Lawrenceburg, the last of Lou's photos.

Button copy at SR 62, acorn shields at US 421.

In North Vernon, the road ahead at 5th St. is no longer a road ahead but a pedestrian plaza. I think the detour sign was once for 12th St.

US 50 now curves right to meet what has become the northern bypass of North Vernon at its west end. Until just before I got there, it continued straight on. If you come here now, the last 4 photos are no longer on US 50.

Past a new creek bridge to US 31.

Both Brownstown.

US 50 hugs its child route closely from east of Washington to Vincennes. I-69 is brand-new and so there is no excuse for the white arrow. The last signs feel like someone assembled them from a parts bin until they had enough messages.

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