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US 421

US 421 NB follows the Michigan Road onto US 50 for a visit. It shouldn't leave. No to the shield shape, all caps destinations, Clearview font... all of it. The "N" in north should be larger and the border doesn't match the sign blank. Tear it all out, melt it down, and sell it for scrap metal.

One old bridge and two old bridge signs on I-74 WB/US 421 NB, then an ugly construction shield while following US 421 onto I-465 NB for an unofficial multiplex up until US 421 exists on its own again. If Indy doesn't want routes running through its downtown, INDOT could at least legislate and sign them around the city appropriately.

Remaining photos on this page are courtesy Bill Donovan.

Old US 421 shields reused for construction around I-65 in Lafayette. These are on SR 26 WB and EB, respectively, with the former also showing off an old SR 25 shield underneath the much larger and newer 26 shield.

At last, the final photo is actually on US 421 itself. These are both IN 25 NB in Delphi, where the triplex sweeps in and out in the space of a quarter-mile, and brings cutout BGS-spec shields with it.

US 421 on I-465 around Indianapolis

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