Indiana Roads - US 41

US 41

Southbound into Kentucky, which happens right at the shoreline.

NB button copy into Evansville.

SB button copy, past old railroad signal gantries on either side of the road and across Pigeon Creek on what originally carried both directions of US 41. After the truss (which is in the middle of the 66 interchange, the ramps having separate bridges), US 41 picks up SR 66 EB and then takes on SR 62 WB, soon dropping the unwieldy opposite-direction multiplex off at the same interchange to go their separate ways. The SR 66 WB exit should say "BUSINESS" 41; that's a key omission for someone following the through highway...

Northbound once more.

Northbound in Terre Haute, 1982, courtesy Michael Summa. The numerals look a bit thick.

NB at Exit 2 of the Borman Expressway, which as you see is about to become the Illinois Tollway, in 1976 and also courtesy Michael Summa. I bet you there are no more Tollway shields nowadays (since the Borman, which first becomes the Kingery Expwy., turns into the Tri-State Tollway now), nor would you so easily find state-name Interstate shields. It would also probably be difficult to find another WEST US 41 assembly, as the route is north-south.

NB through the interchange with Cline Ave., a misnomer because SR 912 is a freeway for its entire length. Or, more accurately, "was" a freeway, because the east-west northern leg has been permanently closed due to structural deterioration. At the end of 2012, a contract was finally let for its demolition, and the current plan is to replace it with a toll road. That will obviously spell the demise of button copy and old concrete ramps, as well as the narrow detour shields.

SB at the same spot. The open part of SR 912 is signed north-south, so with the rest of it closed, I have no way of knowing if it actually switches directions or these shields are just in error.

US 20 and US 41/20

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