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If looks could kill, you'd never see the awesome stuff on the rest of this page. That's a milepost underneath, not an identity crisis with US 40.

EB entering the state from Illinois.

WB, same spot.

A couple of old alignment sightings that may be misleading. The first photo is County Road 600W and the second is County Road 100N, both cut off by the modernization of US 36 due to otherwise shallow-angle intersections. In the 1920's, US 36 may have been routed on these grid roads with sharp turns, but now it angles between them and has likely done so for generations. The third photo is legitimately an old alignment in that same area just east of Montezuma, preserved as a driveway.

EB past County Road 40N, another old alignment. We turned back along it for a couple of covered bridges - check out the bridge photos half of this page.

Through another old alignment and continuing east to Rockville. Here's the Parke County Court House.

Architectural details. I'm partisan toward the Star of David clock.

The west and east sides of the court house square.

There must have been a fire in the late 1860's or 1870, based on the building dates - or the town was first constructed in the years seen here. It has an unmistakable Old West feel.

The Rockville National Bank started out as the R O C K V... well I won't spell it out, but first the spaces were removed from between the letters, and recently the bank ceased to exist and had to be relabeled. Decent job, but not decent enough. I have more Rockville photos on my bridges page.

EB, WB, and SB at the US 231 intersection. The US 36 shields are fine. The US 231 shields have taken one too many diet pills. Still better than the ugly shield at the top of this page.

Even the Dan Jones Rd. shields (EB at SR 267) manage to be ugly. And why is there a straight arrow on the first one? Should be bent left to indicate a turn ahead.

A sign worth keeping around. US 36 disappears through or around Indianapolis, though it's easier to hop on the beltway and find the other exit that works instead of tracing the former US 36 through the city. The sign has to say "to" because no US or state highway officially follows I-465 - it's just the only way that the average unprepared driver can stick with one of them.

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