Indiana Roads - US 31/SR 933/US 20

US 31, US 20/31, SR 933

Across the Clark Memorial Bridge from Kentucky, then looking back south at it from the riverfront street grid in Jeffersonville. It was built in 1929 and tolled until 1946, but I didn't see any trace of the toll booth. The bridge and Clarksville to the north were named for George Rogers Clark, of Lewis And fame, and also notable for having founded Louisville. Something you may not have known about him.

US 31 climbs up next to either side of I-65 for an extended run northward of 3-4 miles but never actually joins it. Also, this isn't actually the SR 62 junction. In fact, US 31 now doesn't intersect SR 62 at all. Until sometime in the 2000s, I wouldn't have said either of the last two sentences, but then SR 62 was rerouted to the north along I- and SR 265 to avoid downtown. Some signs have had the SR 62 shields peeled off, but I found little consistency in that regard.

SB on the north side of Indianapolis. Keystone Ave. was SR 431 back when the sign was constructed, so the street name is a patch over a blank space instead of button copy. It surprises me that US 31 is in button copy on the sign (i.e., it fits properly and the SOUTH is button copy), because it was one of the last routes pulled out of Indianapolis and there are traces of the rollback on several I-465 signs.

The next 7 photos are courtesy J.P. Nasiatka.

Freeway-style milemarker just south of Kokomo.

NB at Business US 31 in Peru (i.e., not Business SR 31). This is a spur as opposed to a loop, never part of the mainline and never returning to it.

SB, Plymouth.

US 31 NB/US 20 WB around South Bend. At least the left sign is button copy, and I'd bet the one on the right (former US 20 EB before the bypass was built) is as well. Which leaves the middle one - not sure what it's made out of, not sure what's missing on the right. Notice the black-background shield on the little green sign to the left. I almost missed it.

SR 933 and US 31 Business SB in South Bend. This is at the intersection of LaSalle Ave., a one-way pair with Colfax Ave., but neither one is US 20. Sure, they used to be, but ever since the south side bypass was completed from US 31, US 20 has gone that way instead. Odd that even though the 20 shields don't belong and presumably are old (could just as easily be errors), it's the US 31 shields suffering the most. The two assemblies are nearly identical, but you can tell them apart by where the US 31 shields are peeling.

North of that intersection, still on SR 933. Definitely old, definitely unique in so many ways.

Here are a bunch more of my photos, southbound and ending with US 20 EB. "Nimtz" is not a typo but I wish it was. You may have noticed the poorly justified US 20 WEST in J.P.'s NB photo, and I really think it was just a poor design job as opposed to something having been removed.

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