Indiana Roads - US 30

US 30

All photos are eastbound, despite being taken by three different people.

Around Valparaiso with SR 2, courtesy Scott Colbert.

On the SR 17 exit, courtesy Lou Corsaro. The exit loops around, so the sun was at his back (i.e. in the east). However, an eastward sun does not bode well for eastbound photos:

Lou Corsaro's photos from La Paz to Warsaw. Travel the world without ever leaving Indiana! (From the name Kosciusko, Warsaw must actually have a significant Polish population. I doubt La Paz is Bolivian, although it's actually named for the city.)

US 30 joins I-69 NB to start its modern bypass of Fort Wayne, rather than take the old route through the city. First and third photos courtesy Scott Colbert. US 27 now ends without ever joining I-69, thanks to Michigan. The rest of the bypass is along I-469, and you can see those signs via the big link below.

Exit 115 to I-469 and US 30/I-469

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