Indiana Roads - US 27

US 27

Courtesy Michael Summa, NB on the north side of Richmond in 1986.

Lafayette St., US 27 and former SR 1 (now routed around town), NB south of downtown Fort Wayne.

Before I-69, US 27 was a narrow concrete two-lane running along this alignment and straight through the fields to the north. Now that there's an interchange here at what has become the northern terminus of US 27, only this isolated stretch of original highway remains until a business claims this land as its own. If the fire hydrant looks like a remnant of old US 27, I will only believe you if you can tell me why there's a second one behind it to the left.

A remnant of bygone times, I-69 NB courtesy Scott Colbert. US 27 ran up this way to Michigan until 2001, so if INDOT didn't want to change the sign, they should have removed or covered the shield in the eight intervening years.

SB just across the Michigan border in 1979, courtesy Michael Summa, when this actually was still a duplex.

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