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US 24

Courtesy Bill Donovan, the backs of the signs on Business US 24 (former mainline) at US 31 in Peru. The new Grissom sign says Aeroplex instead of AFB, because the Air Force no longer uses the facility. Apparently, as these signs became worn (they both appear to have been white on green, but they could have been black on white), Indiana just flipped them over, applied a reflective backing, and pronounced them new. Not a bad strategy to conserve on sign waste.

Old US 24 EB and current US 24 WB on the east side of Fort Wayne. It's been on I-469 since 1989. Interestingly, the route was flipped in 2012 with the opening of the 4-lane Fort to Port corridor so that it now uses I-69 north to I-469 south instead of the other way around as signed, even though the location of the I-469 junction didn't move.

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