Indiana Roads - US 20/41

US 20, US 20/41

US 12/20 EB and US 41 SB enter Indiana like Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man, hand in hand to the Emerald Overpass of the Indiana Toll Road.

Heading back toward Kansas (west) on the Yellow Brick Triplex. In this direction, the Skyway isn't signed as I-90, a peculiarity of a misunderstanding that due to being a toll road with city maintenance, the Skyway was never officially on the Interstate system, only "TO" I-90 in either direction. However, the Skyway is and always was I-90. There's also a peculiarity of using a Type B arrow as a down arrow - anything that's not a down arrow isn't supposed to point down.

A little more button copy, EB/SB and WB/NB. I'm thinking there was once a riverboat logo at the top left.

Instead of adding a Cowardly Lion to their posse, US 12 and 20 bid farewell to the US 41 tin man, but they actually end up better off as a result thanks to these 129th St. WB signs. (The Tin Man wasn't much use in the movie, anyway. All he did was rust and act pitiful. At least the Scarecrow was cheerful.) To see how much better off, click on the first photo for a closeup.

US 12/20 part ways a short distance later at Columbus Drive. Instead of reaching the Wizard, all these roads get is a trip through Gary. Then again, no one was happy with Dorothy's treatment in the movie, either.

More hastily-assembled overhead awkwardness and a too-narrow shield, WB.

A set of EB button copy leading away from South Bend and the US 20/31 concurrency (see big link below). SR 331 had a new bypass constructed around Mishawaka, which is why it was rerouted along US 20 to the Elm Road exit.

SR 331 NB where it now joins US 20, or "By-Pass" 20 since the old road is "Business."

Back west to the US 31 concurrency. You can see that the North US 31 sign (tacked onto the Michigan St. gantry) is just a shield and a banner tacked onto a background.

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