Indiana Roads - SR 9

IN State Road 9

SR 9 jumps onto I-69 for a stretch to bypass downtown Anderson. SR 67 stays around a bit longer.

Entering Indiana in 1976 from Michigan (M-66), courtesy Michael Summa.

Showcasing a modern overpass and noting that the destination of these two major cross-country Interstates is still the city of Toll Road. Can't think of any others on either route, oh well.

As late as 1986, there was still this state-name US shield, on US 6 EB/SR 9 NB west of Kendallsville in a place that Michael Summa says is labelled Brimfield. It had a Publix.

Newer US 6 shield, but old Toll Road shield, on US 6 WB in Kendallsville in 1986, also from Michael.

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