Indiana Roads - SR 68

IN State Road 68

SR 57 SB turns onto SR 68 WB to get over to I-69, and accidentally disappears. Meanwhile, "I-69" is open for a whole mile before turning into I-164 (as of 2012), so why even bother signing it? I guess Indiana figured the opposite, why bother signing 164 if it's just going to be renumbered to 69 in a year or two? SR 57 was only recently brought onto the I-69 stub when the I-164 freeway was extended one exit north on future 69, cutting off the former direct connection to the two-lane 57.

WB through the half-open interchange, with plenty of views northward at the nearly completed I-69 freeway that has since been opened. (Now it's okay to sign 69 here.)

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