Indiana Roads - SR 62

IN State Road 62

SR 62 WB and EB in Evansville, shared with US 41 SB and NB respectively. Also along for the ride is the opposite direction of SR 66.

The EB beginning and WB end of 10th Ave., formerly SR 62 in Jeffersonville. I haven't pinned down the date that SR 62 was officially rerouted over SR 265, but a good number of signs have yet to be modified (removing 62 shields and possibly directions), so it can't have been that long ago. There are also a few signs on the I-64 page (EB Exit 123, WB Exit 121) that were shared with SR 62 back in the day, and I explain some more of the route's history over there.

Old SR 62 EB through the interchange where it picks up the current route - a cloverleaf, so the last photo is on actual SR 62. Again due to how recently SR 62 was moved over and given that button copy signs date to the 1990s at the latest, there's no way of knowing that SR 265 WB is also SR 62.

In the WB direction, at least there are standalone shields telling you to get on the freeway to follow SR 62 - not that you can't still follow it perfectly easily by going straight into Jeffersonville. Eventually, SR 265 will be extended beyond the maritime center access road, across the Ohio River in a new northeastern Louisville crossing, meeting the rest of the beltway on the Kentucky side. Only in 1995 was SR 265 constructed from I-65 to here; like KY 841, the extension beyond the last Interstate is just given a state highway number.

The ramp signage betrays the Interstately future of the highway. Even though the SB-EB loop seen here starts after SR 62 leaves for SR 265 WB, I wouldn't ask to see the "SR 62" line change.

I-/SR 265 and SR 62

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