Indiana Roads - SR 37

IN State Road 37

SB in Bloomington.

Heading back north toward Indianapolis.

Ugly shields in all directions at SR 252.

If you follow SR 37 onto I-465, don't expect to see it again until it leaves at I-69. That's just how Indianapolis operates. SR 37 used to go straight into the city on Bluff Rd.

When faced with the choice of shrinking Series D numerals or using a narrower font like Series C, Indiana often goes with "nope." This is SB east of Fort Wayne, at the end of the northern segment of SR 37. It's been decommissioned from here south to Marion but still considered a single route.

Just before the Ohio state line.

I-69 NB and SR 37/I-69
SR 37 on I-465 and I-465/74

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