Indiana Roads - Shadeland Ave.

Shadeland Ave., former IN State Road 100

NB on former SR 100 until it ended at another former route, Washington Ave. (which was once US 40). Indianapolis' "nothing inside the beltway" policy killed not just all the crosstown routes, but others that never threatened downtown like SR 135 and this very SR 100. The change was recent enough that these signs all have room for US 40 shields, even the one that's not button copy.

Washington Ave. WB, with no room for an SR 100 shield on the SB sign.

Washington Ave. EB.

SB at the start of former SR 100, past Washington Ave. EB to an old railroad bridge that looks like a highway bridge but with a lower clearance that cannot easily be reconstructed.

Onramp sign from English Ave. WB seen off the SB side. Looks like enough room for an SR 100 shield on this one, but the missing "Ave." would also need to fit (maybe on the second line).

One last SB sign.

Too many lower case letters spoil the broth as Shadeland Ave. mixes with I-465 NB Exit 40 traffic.

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