Indiana Roads - I-865

I-865 (and US 52)

I-865 was formerly unsigned I-465 Spur, only known as "To I-65 North" in the WB direction and "To I-465" EB. One of the perks of being its own route is that it now gets a lot more shields at either end and mileposts down the middle. US 52 is signed as following I-865 to get around Indianapolis via the north and east sides of the I-465 beltway, although legislatively I believe US 52 may extend down I-65 and end at I-465, then pick up again on the east side, marking the only Indy-area route that is signed a different way than it's legislated (as opposed to not being legislated at all).

Small WB button copy.

Small EB button copy. It was rainy this day.

Large EB button copy, first photo courtesy Doug Kerr. Because this was I-465 Spur EB when the signs were erected, the through movement is just signed as I-465 East as if you've been on it the entire time.

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