Indiana Roads - I-80/I-90/IN E-W Toll Rd.

I-80 and I-90: Indiana East-West Toll Road

I-80 EB at Exit 1, where it's multiplexed with I-94 and still the Borman Expressway, courtesy Doug Kerr. I-80 jumps ship at I-90 and takes the toll road into Ohio.

Westbound and oddly redundant, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka - one shield without any directional banners (those say SOUTH and NORTH) would suffice.

A bonded pair of button copy at the end of the Exit 144 ramp, former US 27. The sign pointing only left shouldn't be on the right, and Coldwater MI makes much more sense as a destination than the nowhere of Jamestown. (I apologize in advance to any of the 3 Jamestown residents that read this.)

Into Ohio on I-80 or I-90
Into Illinois on I-80
Exit 1 to US 41
Exit 72 to US 31
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