Indiana Roads - I-80/I-90/IN E-W Toll Rd.

I-80 and I-90: Indiana East-West Toll Road

I-80 EB at Exit 1, where it's multiplexed with I-94 and still the Borman Expressway, courtesy Doug Kerr. I-80 jumps ship at I-90 and takes the toll road into Ohio.

Westbound and oddly redundant, courtesy J.P. Nasiatka - one shield without any directional banners (those say SOUTH and NORTH) would suffice.

SR 127 NB ending at SR 120, courtesy Doug Kerr. 120 has a pair of ramps leading into the I-69/I-80+90 interchange (I-80/90 Exit 144), and aerial photos suggest there may have once been dangerous access from 69 SB to SR 120 as well.

Into Ohio on I-80 or I-90
Into Illinois on I-80
Onto I-94 alone
Exit 1 to US 41
Exit 72 to US 31
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