Indiana Roads - I-64


I-64 EB in 1978, courtesy Michael Summa. Back then, Indiana would sometimes use black-background shields just like New Jersey still does.

Modern WB button copy.

Across the state to the Kentucky side, and forward in time to 2008, these are courtesy Doug Kerr except for the fourth photo (over-the-shoulder and larger) and westbound entering Indiana. It's amazing how you go from a state with no button copy to seeing it before you're even off the bridge into the next state. And the oldest sign even comes first! Since these signs were installed, I-265 was extended as SR 265 to meet SR 62 on the northeast side of Jeffersonville (in 1995), which allowed SR 62 to be rerouted completely around 265. The Exit 123 signs were mostly fixed, but my photo shows that there's still work to be done.

Same area, eastbound, my photos in December 2010. See, SR 62 is gone after all those years of bypassing windy Corydon Pike on 64. US 150 stays on I-64, bypassing Paoli Pike and New Albany.

Into Kentucky on I-64
Exit 25 to US 41
Exit 121 to I-265
Exit 121 to I-65
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