Indiana Roads - I-469/US 24/US 30

I-469 and I-469/US 24, I-469/US 30

EB and WB on the very beginning of the freeway, which is also carrying SR 1 here. If all four routes could be signed on a single assembly, I wouldn't complain.

I-469/US 24 WB and US 33 NB.

EB (and US 33 SB) courtesy Bill Donovan. Neither sign is quite right. It would look a lot better to swap some width for a little height to put the SOUTH above US 33 for clarity. I-469 can finally turn north-south now that US 33 (which would otherwise be south-north against the grain) is leaving.

I can call this I-469 NB (still US 24 EB), but it's about to turn WB again after US 30 joins. Off this exit is only US 30 East (and SR 930 West), and the rest of US 30 continues straight ahead with US 24 West. I don't know the precise point where I-469 switches directions again, but for US 24's sake it ought to wait a little longer. Thanks to 24 and 30, I-469 is never without a partner around Fort Wayne - at least as signed in these photos. In 2012, US 24 was flipped to use the northern freeway beyond Exit 21, leaving Exits 0-19 unplexed. Since these photos all predate that change, you won't see US 24 north of that exit on this page.

I-469 EB-SB and US 30 EB picking up US 24 and dropping off US 30, with the second photo at the base of the ramp. Exit 19B not too long ago had button copy for US 30 WEST and may have been signed to one of these two control cities. Even though they take up a lot of the sign, is it really too much to ask for a WEST on SR 930? I mean, come on, they stuck an extra A on the US 30 East sign, so we know INDOT is resourceful. 3rd photo (blue sign) courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Font size? SB courtesy Lou Corsaro. Also, distance signs are usually used for cities, not interchanges, but that's a more minor quibble.

A taste of ugly, courtesy Scott Colbert.

Some button copy to start off the route EB at the northern end (I have to specify, since both directions of the freeway start out in the same direction). 2nd photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

I-469/US 30 WB taken in my side mirror or out the sunroof while heading EB. Notice that US 27 is signed on I-69 - this was true until last decade (well after the signs were installed) when Michigan swapped US 27 and 127 and Indiana pulled 27 back to Fort Wayne. It's okay to sign US 27 South along I-69 SB, because it begins just 4 miles away.

Exit 19 or 31 to US 30 alone
Exit 21 to US 24 alone

Exit 11 to US 27
Exit 31 to parent I-69
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