Indiana Roads - I-465/US 31/36/40/421/SR 37

I-465 and friends

I-465 sucks up all of the routes that touch it. Only I-65 and I-70 are privileged enough to enter Indianapolis, and most recently, US 136 became the last route removed inside the beltway, after I-74/I-465 interchange reconstruction killed off the old end of 136 (which crossed I-465 and turned hard left to turn into I-74). The exhaustive list of roads that de facto run along the beltway: I-74, US 31, US 36, US 40, US 52, US 421, SR 37, SR 67. However, it's not clear that any of these routes officially follow I-465, other than obviously I-74, because they are not in the route logs and there is no signage on the beltway until you get to the required exit. Also, some routes are just as viable using either direction of the beltway - for example, US 52 is signed EB to use I-865 to I-465 around the east half of the beltway, but the current iteration of Google Maps shows it going the other way on I-65 to I-465.

Keystone Rd., which was SR 431 until not too long ago (hence the blank space on the sign), NB and SB at I-465 Exit 33 (with US 31/52/421, just so you have an idea).

I-465 mainline with all the state and US routes

I-74/I-465 with all but US 52/421

I-865, former I-465 Spur

Imaginative overpass treatment, though it's all for show and not structural, on 86th St. WB. Enjoy the rare moment when I-465 is an independent route, for about 1/8 of the route between I-74 and I-865.

Pick one of the routes to follow alone: I-74, US 31, US 36, US 40, US 421, SR 37
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