Indiana Roads - I-275

I-275 only enters Indiana for one exit and then it's gone again, and yet John Krakoff was able to find the photo above somewhere near that point. Parent I-75 never comes close to entering the state, and Cincinnati's development doesn't really make it out this far, either. Indiana basically begged to have I-275 stretch all the way west instead of crossing the Ohio River closer to Francisville KY/Cleves OH.

SB through the rain at that lone interchange. I-275 is signed east-west across either border, so even 2-3 miles of north-south road is important for orientation.

Another John Krakoff photo at the end of the Exit 16 ramp.

Continuing south across the Ohio River into Kentucky, and looking eastward up the Ohio River at a nuclear power plant. I just love the outline of a reactor in the morning.

Northbound courtesy Lou Corsaro. The button copy signs look fine but the two reflective copy signs (2nd and 4th photos) are all wrong. The advance sign just needs the exit tab shifted over and the "g" shifted down and it's fine. The exit sign needs to be replaced because not everything fits.

Into Kentucky on I-275
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