Indiana Roads - I-/SR 265/SR 62

I-/SR 265 and SR 62

EB at the end of I-265 and original end of the freeway, last photo courtesy Doug Kerr on the exit ramp. The extension is only SR 265 (well, and SR 62) because it doesn't end at anything important (besides SR 62).

SR 265 EB ends and SR 62 drops off onto its old routing. Clearly, SR 265 was extended before the decision was made to rip SR 62 out of Jeffersonville and drop it here, so the Exit 10A signs show the scars. In the last photo, I-265 would keep going straight and a little to the left, resulting in some other type of connection to the Maritime Center. (I've heard a rumor of an interchange rebuild as a SPUI, though that leaves the question of Clark access unresolved.) It will then cross the Ohio River into Kentucky and connect with the I-265 there (currently ending as KY 841, waiting for the bridge just as eagerly), connecting an outer Louisville beltway to complement the partial inner I-264 beltway. Completing I-265 as a full belt requires a southwest Ohio River bridge, which requires development in that quadrant. Don't wait for it.

Curiously, all the way at the eastern end of SR 265, the mileposts very much belong to the Interstate. Saves money replacing them in the future, I suppose.

Westbound button copy for your enjoyment. The only non-cloverleaf ramp at Exit 10 is the left turn from the WB direction to former SR 62 SB - a non-route to a non-route, so it's not that bad.

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