Illinois Roads - Western Av., Cook Co.

Western Avenue, Chicago/Cook County

SB over the Cal-Sag Channel.

While I cross that bridge, trains can cross this bridge. This bridge goes under my bridge, at the north bank of the channel. I like this bridge better.

While Western Ave. crosses the channel, "Old Western Ave." NB heads down to the waterfront and ends. This road probably predates the channel. The signs do not, but they're closer than I expected to find.

Not content with two bridges, Western Ave. picks up a third to the north at the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal. (Don't fall out of the boat.) These are SB on the east side of the bridge, which is Western Ave., while the west side carries Western Blvd. In this odd four-carriageway configuration, they continue under the railroad (the fifth underpass, at far right, is for a dead-end stub of original Western Ave.), and then Western Ave. crosses under Western Blvd. to the west side. There's a park between them for awhile to the south, and then Western Blvd. ends at Garfield Blvd. On the north side of the bridge, Western Blvd. curves west as 31st Blvd. and ends after crossing 31st St. I'm guessing the Boulevards were a later creation by Chicago with some goal of moving traffic that has since been rendered obsolete by freeways.

NB from Kinzie St. to I-90. The sign may light up.

Gee, there sure are a lot of railroads in Chicago. Photos continue north to an overpass that's now gone, so I included it in the photo that's otherwise for the old sign support. Belmont and Clybourn are the two Avenues that intersect below.

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