Illinois Roads - US 67

US 67

SB past the new Alton Bridge, taking US 67 to Missouri. IL 143 continues along the east shore of the Mississippi from here.

You're not seeing double. US 67 crosses the Rock River onto and off of Vandruff Island in Rock Island, and both crossings have blue arch trusses - two for the southern bridge because it also crosses Hennepin Canal.

Starting from 16th St., taking traffic from IL 92 past the first (centered) photo, I head north across the Centennial Bridge into Davenport. US 67 will ultimately end on the same side of the Mississippi that it began, with Illinois its only foray to the east. The last 2-3 photos are technically in Iowa, as the state line neatly bisects the middle of the five arches.

Saving the best for last, southbound Centennial Bridge travelers get this old bonus at the beginning of Centennial Parkway, which follows IL 92. Though repainted, the metal is original. The signs are also interesting - "US" versus "U.S." and a lack of shields.

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