Illinois Roads - Old US 66

Former US 66

All photos on this page are courtesy Doug Kerr.

I-55 gets close enough at times to overlay the former westbound lanes; US 66 was dualized for much of its run across the country before the Interstate system took over. That becomes evident around small towns which I-55 bypasses, such as in the second photo approaching Dwight, where the former lanes just lay idly by.

Former US 66 from west to east:
MacArthur Bridge
Martin Luther King Bridge
McKinley Bridge
Chain of Rocks Bridge
Chain of Rocks Road
IL 157
Macoupin County
Montgomery County
IL 4
Old Carriage Way, Springfield
Business I-55, Springfield
Logan County
McLean County
Livingston County
IL 53
Joliet Road

Facing (north)east, looking back at the beginning of the westbound lanes (about four or five photos ago on this page) and how I-55 sweeps in from the west to take them over.

I-55 (US 66's successor)

Into Missouri on old US 66
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