Illinois Roads - US 6

WB in Spring Valley.

WB in Peru. Factory Surplus Liquidators, Inc. were at 5th/Walnut Sts. and the Hoerner Building is at 4th/Peoria Sts., with US 6 on the numbered streets.

Rock St. just north of US 6, just west of IL 251.

EB and WB square shields. Illinois uses both squares and rectangles for 3-digit routes depending on its mood.

Let's do it again. These are both on the signal poles at their northeastern intersection, EB and WB, and wooden. Both IL 251 and IL 351 are old alignments of US 51, with this the older.

The best signs in Illinois are in Ottawa and westbound. Click on each for a closeup.

Not nearly as old but doing almost as poorly, also WB.

IL 23 SB prepares to take IL 71 from US 6. The state name should be smaller.

An old alignment splits off 4 minutes west from Marseilles.

From Morris to Seneca, where two roads have five names total. Why couldn't LaSalle County have made this CR 29?

Looking north on reconstructed Brisbin Rd. east of Morris, at what is now I-80 Exit 116 but was still under construction in 2012. Since that was a stop on the Joliet Road Meet, I have more photos from it on that page, linked at bottom.

Other names carried by US 6. The brown shield is an older one for Illinois River Road (compared to the one atop the page) and the orange one is for the I&M Canal Passage.

Another stop on the meet was the 1932 Brandon Road drawbridge over the Illinois and Michigan Canal, bypassing a dam on the Des Plaines River just south of Joliet. These photos are from where we parked on the north side of the bridge.

On the south side of the bridge, there's a nice view to the north and an old sign heading east on the dam access road.

This interesting suspension bridge about a mile downstream to the west carries just a pipe.

Continuing south on Brandon Rd., I wonder if this trestle and rock cuts also date to 1932, or if Brandon Rd. was around for decades before.

WB leaving Joliet, approaching I-80 just west of its Des Plaines River bridge.

Across the Des Plaines River on the 1933 McDonough St. Bridge, US 6/52 WB.

Looking north, one of these is a 1932 railroad bridge and the other is the 1933 bridge railing for this one. You decide. The southward view is the first I-80 photo above.

Heading west into Joliet, how not to do assemblies. Lesson 1: tell which directions of IL 7 are where. (North is right, south is straight.) Lesson 2: do not share bolt holes. US 6 manages to be both Lincoln Highway and historic US 66 in Joliet, but only while following other highways (US 30 and IL 53 respectively).

I-80/I-94 EB, with a shield from the guide sign parts bin. In Illinois, US highways usually get ignored when they follow Interstates, so I'll take a cutout shield over none at all (and hey, I like cutout shields), but it would have been better to mount this with the other shields instead of alone as if this were the US 6 Expressway. (It's the Kingery.)

IL 89 and US 6/IL 89
IL 53/old US 66 and US 6/66/IL 53

Old US 6, Ottawa

Into Iowa on US 6
Onto IL 251
Onto IL 351
Onto IL 71
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