Illinois Roads - US 45

US 45

NB entering the state in 1984, courtesy Michael Summa.

Modern photos coming off of the Ohio River bridge from Kentucky. KY owns up to the low-water mark on the north side, so this is all that's truly within Illinois. The blue paint is so pretty, even the steel roadway grate gets into the act.

SB exiting the state at the same border. Notice that the curb and grating sections have angle points instead of a smooth curve, which can be harrowing when cars are passing each other around the "curve", and much worse if one or both of them is more like a truck. (Forget trying to get by a dualie pickup.)

SB Clearview, just to make sure you hate your life at least a little. And how about using another road as a destination and not even putting it in a shield? The "57" digits just reinforce how awful Clearview really is.

24"x24" is the size of a route shield. This is not a route shield.

SB across the Cal-Sag Channel (Calumet River to near Saganashkee Slough, which is exactly why it was abbreviated).

Does Illinois have a problem with US 12 shields? See the migrating 1 on the IL 72 page. This is courtesy Doug Kerr.

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