Illinois Roads - Old US 40

Old US 40

Courtesy Michael Summa in 1978. So it's on current US 40 but an old photo, which lets me keep it here. You can tell it's old because US 50 now follows the I-255 beltway to the south of St. Louis.

I have another reason why these photos can stay here. Courtesy Chris Pangilinan, these are on US 40/I-64/I-70 WB and I-55/IL 3 SB. That's all well and good, but this is no longer I-70. I-70 now bounces off of I-55 where US 40, I-64, and IL 3 all come on at Exit 2. The little I-70 shield on this and like signs has been covered.

As the party continued west after the Indianapolis Road Meet (see link below), we got our first hint of the old National Road at Dunlap Rd. just west of the IN border. It's the red line in the foreground, not the gravel road in the background.

Heading eastward on one stretch of the old road. The 19th-century (or turn of the 20th) bricks are still level enough for the few cars a year that travel them.

Westbound over the same stretch.

Continuing west on US 40 with the old road paralleling, always in brick, always tempting until we give in and turn down another driveway.

Looking east on this alignment.

Heading west on the bricks once again.

One more look back east. On this stretch, the US 40 pavement has held up rather well, but decades of neglect have exposed most of the much more durable brickwork.

A couple more old alignment photos. The first one is definitely westbound, but while the second one seems eastbound I can't be certain.

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